Dunn Motors New Apartments Captiol Hill WA

Located at 501 E Pike, Dunn Motors Apartments offer chic living options in the heart of Seattle. An area that is as diverse and lively as any.Fodor’s Travel Guide describes Capitol Hill as having two faces: One that is young and edgy with an artsy flavor and the other that is elegant and upscale. The ever-changing face of Capitol Hill is that and more, much more.

These new Seattle apartments seemingly offer something for everyone. You can choose one of 21 floor plans in this 88 unit 8-story building that is located close to Amazon, 1st Hill’s medical community, parks, retail shops, night spots and more restaurants than you can imagine.

  • Live in luxurious simplicity in one the top floor’s studio apartments, the jaw-dropping views are built-in.
  • The one bedroom units have a masterfully planned open feel, while still allowing for privacy with a sliding wall partition.
  • The one bedroom plus, gives you that extra space for a guest room, office, or hobby area.
  • The popular two bedroom homes are perfect for two. The bedrooms are distanced from each other for added privacy.

The two bedroom plus provides our largest floor plans. They are ideal for a family or roommates who need some extra space.


And what’s with the name, Dunn Motors, you ask? This 1920s era building, for decades was one of Seattle’s largest auto showrooms. The developer, Hunters Capital, wanted to preserve much of the look and feel of this iconic structure and by doing so create a connection to the historic past, while at the same time leading the way into the “new” Seattle.



Make sure you ask to see the personal balconies that let you step out and soak in all that is Capitol Hill, your new, artsy, upscale neighborhood. The views are worth the price of admission all by themselves; with the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood below and the Olympic Mountains off in the distance, perfectly accented by Puget Sound, the Space Needle and the breathtaking Seattle skyline. It really is overwhelming!



You deserve this! They are taking applications now. Call 206-962-3372 to set up your tour today.